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El poder de la tecnología al servicio de las personas

After the strong emotions experienced yesterday afternoon and being astonished by the great amount of news presented by Tim Cook’s guys, this is a good moment to stop and look back. The year 2007 was the birth of the first iPhone and five years later there have been a whopping 40 billion application downloads. A frightening figure, which clearly shows how applications have changed our daily lives. Technology is a privilege that can make this a better world, and that’s something we should never forget.

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting on the bus killing time between my house and the training ground playing Snake on a Nokia 3310. My first mobile phone, a device whose green screen lit up every time a message came in. Wow, it was almost magical. I think it was one of my first technological experiences with the use of reason, and it wasn’t long before 2007, when a slim Steve Jobs introduced the world to a phone called the iPhone, a keynote whose importance would prove crucial, a turning point in the history of computing. Did it turn out that a mobile phone could do more than call, text and sound an annoying alarm? That’s right, yes. Steve Jobs often talked about changing the world and I think that was the beginning of the mobile technology revolution as we understand it today. The iPhone came along, and with it a world of possibilities at our fingertips. Two years later the iPad and two and a half years later there are more than 650,000 applications on the App Store, with more than 40 billion downloads. Impressive numbers, unimaginable just five years ago, because if we stop to think about it, applications have changed our lives .

El poder de la tecnología al servicio de las personas
El poder de la tecnología al servicio de las personas

The history of computing is short, but very intense. It began as a weapon held by governments and Apple brought it within reach of people with its devices, putting it at their feet to improve their quality of life. Technology is a business, a way in which many people earn their daily bread, but acquires its maximum expression when it is put at the service of people , facilitating their daily tasks or allowing them to carry out activities that would otherwise be impossible.

Apple is well aware that this spirit, this human dimension, has brought them to where they are right now, at the top, and yesterday in the keynote opening of WWDC 2012 wanted to pay tribute to this part of the technology, to the applications that have changed people’s lives . Tim said some words yesterday that I would like to share with you:

Thanks to the ingenuity and work of the developers today we’ve been able to learn some moving stories , some of which were captured by Cupertino’s boys in a video that was just over 7 minutes long. We were able to observe a blind man enjoying a walk in the forest thanks to his iPhone and the Ariadne GPS application, telling us that “walking in the forest makes you disconnect and can dream. It’s a miracle, thanks for giving me back my freedom” , while its creator claimed to feel “incredibly grateful, it’s great to receive letters from everyone telling you that my application has changed their lives” . In addition we could observe how an Indian teacher was teaching anatomy to some excited students, how a couple had had the opportunity to rent their house in the middle of the forest having also the opportunity to make new friends, a mother who saw her son enjoying himself playing with an iPad, etc.

Stories full of a high emotional charge , that do not remain alone in that field, but extend to the daily life of almost any person . With an iOS device we can communicate instantly with any part of the world (messaging, video calls, etc), we can see photos and videos, read books, be informed in real time, know the world around us, share our experiences, access the internet, our mail, organize our agenda, book a trip, get to our destination and also know what time we are going to do, play, buy, and a long etcetera. Think about how we did all these activities before and how easy and simple it is to carry them out now. If we think about it carefully, something unthinkable only five years ago . I look back and am speechless about what we have achieved, but I am even more excited to look forward to the future because, yes, the best is yet to come.

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