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El estuche Quick Flip de La Olloclip, es compatible con la Olloclip.

The Olloclip Quick FLip Case is a case for iPhone 4, 4S or 5 that allows us to use our Olloclip lens set without removing our iPhone from its protective case or housing, while allowing us to use it as a conventional camera shutter release and even attach the phone to a tripod thanks to the included adapter.

Some time ago I told you in one of our reviews about the Olloclip, a 3-in-1 lens for our iPhone 4 or 4S, which later also saw the light of day in a version for iPhone 5.

El estuche Quick Flip de La Olloclip, es compatible con la Olloclip.
El estuche Quick Flip de La Olloclip, es compatible con la Olloclip.

Now, the Olloclip guys have launched the Olloclip Quick Flip Case , a case that thanks to a movable part allows you to attach this accessory without having to take our precious iPhone out of its case or shell.

First impressions

The case has a soft and pleasant touch , and despite being made of plastic, it has a hardness and significant resistance , which gives us the feeling that it will protect our iPhone from shocks and scratches.

In addition, its rotating corner moves smoothly while putting up just enough resistance so that it doesn’t turn when we don’t want it to.

Availability and prices

The case can be purchased at the Olloclip online store for a price of 49.99 US dollars, and is available in black and white and for the iPhone 44S and 5.

Using the sleeve with the Olloclip

As I mentioned before, this case allows us to use our Olloclip without taking the phone out of the case at any time, since thanks to its rotating corner we can put the set of lenses without the slightest difficulty.

Also, if we rotate this corner 180 degrees we can use it as trigger button thanks to the slight flexibility of the material.

This allows us to take our phone as if it were a camera, in a comfortable way while we can use some of the lenses and enjoy something very similar to the shutter release of a conventional camera. Although at first it may seem not, this functionality is very comfortable as the piece moves very smoothly and without any difficulty when pressing it.

Use with tripods

As if all this were not enough, the case comes with a tripod adapter , which has two different threads, allowing us to place the iPhone both vertically and horizontally.

Inserting this adapter is as easy as sliding the case inside, and removing it is as easy as pulling it out. At no time should we worry about falling , since the grip between the case and the adapter is strong enough to avoid accidents, but without requiring excessive force when removing it.

In addition, it has a slot as a stand to be able to insert a flash or a small spotlight compatible with the iPhone and not have to hold it separately or with an extra tripod.



The case is really comfortable for those of us who use our Olloclip daily or almost daily, as it allows us to use the lenses without removing the phone from its case or protective housing while having a very comfortable trigger. In addition, its pleasant and soft touch, along with its minimal weight makes no difference in the pocket. On the other hand, the accessory to attach it to a tripod means that if you need to record a video, you can mount the phone on a tripod without any difficulty and with total comfort. In short: a great case for a great fan of the Olloclip .

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