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El acto: un fondo


We have reached a situation where quality and originality must go hand in hand. Tired of shooters, endless runners, and Angry Bird-style flash game variations, you stand in front of your iOS device screen looking for something different to get your attention. The Act , for better or worse, is a nice solution to that problem.

El acto: un fondo
El acto: un fondo

The team from React Entertainment arrive hand in hand with Chillingo to present an adventure that recovers the essence of Don Bluth’s interactive films such as Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace, but varying the decision making of his Quick Time Events to change the jumps and attacks for the confidence of the main character.

In The Act we play Edgard, a hospital window cleaner who is in love with Sylvia, one of those nurses we all wish we had while lying on the bed. The game presents us with comical situations in which we must choose how the protagonist should act.

Sliding your finger on the screen to the left will take a passive and shy attitude , while sliding it to the right will achieve the opposite, so that Edgard gains confidence and faces problems with courage . Except in one area of the game where we have to control a stretcher, the whole story unfolds in this way, linking interactive scenes with others in which we simply have to sit down and enjoy the show.

It’s quite difficult to get the hang of the game system, causing us sometimes to miss that point of attitude to get the scene right. This is a serious problem, because the feeling of frustration can take its toll, and it’s likely that you’ll spend part of the game without realizing that the key in all cases is patience.

In order to know how to act you will have to be guided by the music of the game , as well as by the reaction of each of the secondary characters, who with simply great animations will show you at all times whether or not what you are doing is right.

It’s a shame that such a beautiful design ends up being better on the iPhone than on the iPad , where the big screen brings out a pixelated image that doesn’t do justice to the technical bill of the game. The game also loses points in its duration, and with a bit of luck and skill we can overcome the story in a few minutes , only with the incentive of facing a better ending if we rework it without making too many mistakes.

Overall, we are faced with one of those games that are easy to talk about and invite our friends to try, but its price and short duration inevitably push you to think twice about whether the expense is worth it. Back to what we said at the beginning, we are talking about an original title and a great quality of design, not only graphically but also in terms of resolution of its situations. Now what you have to think about is if that’s enough for you when it comes to buying The Act .


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