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Eight lawsuits against Apple for absurd reasons

Apple, like any other large technology company, has received lawsuits that many people have called absurd and with the sole objective of being able to “scratch” money in the form of compensation. It doesn’t matter why: just find an excuse that is legal enough and launch that complaint.

The rise of the iPhone in recent years has accentuated this phenomenon at Apple, with many small companies or even individuals launching lawsuits that will surely have caused more than one laugh in Cupertino’s offices . Let’s take a look.

Thomas S. Ross, the inventor of the 1993 iPhone

Eight lawsuits against Apple for absurd reasons
Eight lawsuits against Apple for absurd reasons

This is the most recent example of all: a certain Thomas S. Ross appeared out of nowhere and, with the drawing you can see right above in his hand, he sued Apple asking for $10 billion for having stolen the original design of the iPhone. The lawsuit has not been made official because the plaintiff did not even pay the patent registration fees as a result of that drawing.

“I was shot with an arrow for being Korean”

This one happened in May 2014: a certain Michael Samsung sent a handwritten complaint to Apple with the craziest accusations you can read, including being attacked with arrows or sinking a ferry because there were Samsung engineers on board. If you have the patience to read in English from a handwritten letter, it’s not wasted. Completely absurd.

GooPhone I5

The phone you can see in the image above looks like an iPhone 5 or 5s, but it is not. It’s a Chinese copy called GooPhone, made based on the rumors of the time and released just days before the official presentation of Apple’s terminals. But of course, those days of advantage encouraged GooPhone to file a lawsuit against Cupertino’s to see if there was any luck.

“If it’s tactile, it infringes my patent”

Slavoljub Milekic is a teacher who, in April 2012, put all the meat on the table and sued Apple to claim the rights to all the company’s devices that had a touch screen . The reason: Slavoljub had a patent describing an interface where children could move screen elements using their fingers.

“If you give voice commands, it infringes my patent”

Something very similar happened with the lawsuit of Potter Voice Technologies, which defended its patent describing voice communication interfaces against Siri as well as against Google’s assistants four years ago.

“Astronomer Suckhole”

Apple had the idea of naming one of its prototypes with the code name “Carl Sagan” , in what it wanted to be a tribute to the historical astronomer. Surprise: Carl didn’t like that and sued the company. Apple then changed that code name to BHA, an acronym for Butt-Head Astronomer , something like “Astronomer Butt-Face”. Carl Sagan found out, and he sued again. Finally the prototype was called LAW, an acronym for ” Lawyers are Wimps “. Moral: better to pay homage to a fruit than to a famous character.

Injury from being “too transparent”

djandywdotcom, Brittany Hogan, matt buchanan

Evelyn wanted to take action and sued Apple for a million dollars, arguing that there were no signs indicating that ” was approaching a building “.

Attempted sexual abuse with iPhone

Jonathan Lee Riches spent a season in jail in 2008 for a misdemeanor. And it was not a good time: he sued Apple and even Steve Jobs himself because a fellow in that prison, Philip Woolston, tried to abuse him by trying to introduce an iPhone of the time into his anus . Best of all: he ended up filing the lawsuit claiming that “it was all a dream” and that “you can’t sue dreams”.

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