Eight interesting ideas for using Evernote more


If you’re one of the latter, where I’m included, you might find this entry a little more useful than you think. From the Unplggd blog they offer us a total of eight ideas to use more (and better) this web service program for Mac OS X and iOS . Some of the best ones are the following:

  • Create the shopping list. Special application? Paper and pen? What better than using an application we already have and which is free of charge, to make our shopping list from our home computer and then consult it with our iPhone in the supermarket. We will certainly not forget to buy anything again!
  • Keeps interesting products. If there’s something wrong with working with the Internet, it’s that you waste part of your time snooping around for interesting articles or products. Instead of wasting your whole working day on that, create a special list to group them all together and you can consult it later to discard what you’re going to buy, from what you don’t.
  • Remember the important things before you leave the house. How many times have you left that flash drive on your bedside table with the information you needed the next day? A good idea to use Evernote more is to create a list of things that we should never forget at home, just before leaving home we can go over it quickly and be sure that we didn’t leave anything behind.
Eight interesting ideas for using Evernote more
Eight interesting ideas for using Evernote more


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