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Egolike, make an active profit to your taste (and that of your contacts) on the Internet

What are “Likes” on Facebook really for? What are Twitter retweets for? Have you really thought about it? Unless you have an active interest in SEM or SEO with a specific page or blog, they are really no more useful than knowing what you publish that your followers like .

But can we make a profit beyond this? Well, not really, there’s little else we can do with this. Egolike comes to solve all this and that is that this simple application aims to keep a check on our tastes and most importantly, on our contacts.

Egolike, make an active profit to your taste (and that of your contacts) on the InternetEgolike, make an active profit to your taste (and that of your contacts) on the Internet

What would it be like to visit a city guided by the tastes of the users of an application? No standard travel guides, no programmed routes… Arriving at a city and guiding you through the sites that have been marked by the users of the application who live in that city and know it better than anyone else… This is Egolike

Egolike basics

Egolike allows us to create “business cards” of what we like or are interested in . It doesn’t matter if it’s a place, a type of food, a restaurant, a certain shop or a website. It is a matter of saving everything that interests us in an orderly fashion on our virtual desktop in the application.

As a user we will have a desk that we will fill with all the “Egolikes” that we are interested in , we will be able to create folders to try to maintain an order and to be able to look for later which was that restaurant that surprised us so much or where was that store where we saw those so cool pants.

And here we can turn the tables, in Egolike we can follow users, so we can also “dive into their tastes” . What could we give our best friend or our partner? A quick look at their “Egolikes” will surely give you a few ideas to start with.

Explore, share and visit Egolikes verified

Egolike allows us to explore our environment , either through a map of the city where we are, where we can see what other users have marked as being of interest, or by searching through the application for the tastes of other users to add them to our own.

We can also have the opportunity to create content ourselves Did you just discover a restaurant that no one had pointed out before? Did you discover a beautiful jacket in a shop? Just take a photo of it, add some information to it and then it will be easier for you to locate it and upload it to Egolike for other users to discover.

At a company level we can also “exist” since the application allows us to create what we call “verified Egolikes” which are Egolikes verified by the company itself, such as an accessories store or a Japanese restaurant… This way, users will know it is you and you will be able to have a more direct contact with them. And even advertise you if you do things right.

Egolike is definitely an application that at first you feel a bit “fish” in it, but little by little you get a taste for it and it allows you to start sharing tastes among all the users you follow and allows you to discover new things .

Egolike APP

At the moment I have “my eye” on an Egolike from the best beaches of Menorca that I plan to visit this summer as soon as I can get away.

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