Education and Training in the Apple World: The Applesphere Lectures

Las Charlas de Apple

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Education and Training in the Apple World: The Applesphere Lectures
Education and Training in the Apple World: The Applesphere Lectures


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Today we say goodbye to 2017 with a talk on the world of education and training at Apple, in which I am accompanied by our veteran editor Miguel López. As you know, the company places great value on how its users learn and know how to take advantage of its products, making all the courses and training given in both official stores and Premium Resellers important. Miguel, in his role as trainer for one of the latter, had a lot to tell us about the most common questions, the topics that interest his students the most and the perception of them when they first land on our platform.

The mythology of the Apple world also has strong roots in the way we brand aficionados explore knowledge: the traditional Macintosh User Groups (GUMs), the keynotes – which are practically another meeting point, the tutorials and help that we do from the media… It is a world that interests us greatly and that is based on the experience of sharing among us…

These are all the formats where you can see The Apple Talks :

We hope you like this new episode! These were the previous ones :

  • The Future of Apple: A review of the latest projects such as AR glasses, autonomous vehicles, HomePod, the move from Macs to ARM chips…
  • Our Keynotes, a review of our favorite presentations – featuring four Apple editors for the first time
  • Apple’s latest financial results, explained in a simple way and with the first analyses about their meaning for the future of the company.
  • Storage, iCloud, and fast charging, a look at the history of iPhone storage, Apple’s current plans, and the “state of the nation” for fast charging on the latest devices.
  • First impressions of iPhone X (and the Animojis), a quick review of the most interesting new features of the new iPhone
  • This is how the Apple A11 Bionic chip works, explaining details of its neural engine and day-to-day use
  • Impressions of the Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone 8, after thorough testing.
  • Trip to the keynote in Apple Park and opening of the Steve Jobs Auditorium, review of the news presented.

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