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Editing Videos in iOS and iPadOS Natively

Video editing is a task that ranges from the simple to the complex. Not in vain, we meet professionals in the industry who are dedicated entirely to video editing, but if you are here is because you are looking for something easy, fast and comfortable. So we’re going to show you what possibilities we’ve found for editing video in iOS natively and with applications created by Apple itself.

Editing videos from the iPhone or iPad gallery

Both iOS and iPadOS, the operating systems of the iPhone and iPad respectively, share much of their functionality. These include video editing. Before showing where the editor is located and what it offers us, we must emphasize that it is a very basic edition , ideal for occasions when we only need a minimum of retouching and do not need more advanced tools such as the inclusion of several clips or adding a different audio.

Editing Videos in iOS and iPadOS Natively
Editing Videos in iOS and iPadOS Natively

To access this editor, simply go to Photos , the default app for the iPhone and iPad. Once inside we must open the video in question that we want to edit. If we look closely, at the top right is the option “Edit”, which we must press. Once we have done this we will find the tools that Apple offers as standard for these quick edits that we want to do.

Among the possibilities we found is that of trimming the video, option that appears at the bottom in the form of a timeline and which shows a preview of the photographers. By adjusting with the left and right arrows you can achieve the trimming of the video at the time you want. There are also a number of tools at the bottom which, as with photographs, allow you to modify parameters such as exposure, colour, contrast, shadows and more. Of course, there are also filters by default and the possibility to rotate the video.

Once we have made the settings we want we simply need to press “Ok” at the bottom right and the video will be recorded in the gallery.

Apple Apps for Video Editing

If you feel that the native iOS and iPadOS editor falls short of your expectations, you can go to the App Store to find great editing apps. We want to highlight in this article two developed by Apple, which can be installed on the device, but in case they have been removed they can be easily reinstalled by going to the app store.

One of the best known is Clips , an app that may seem very simple but offers curious tools such as the possibility of joining several clips together, adding frames, effects, music, text, stickers and more. It also stands out for being able to create videos in real time. Its operation is really simple and intuitive, finding an interface in which thanks to the gesture of dragging we can do almost anything.

DownloadQR-CodeClipsDeveloper: ApplePrice: Free

The other app par excellence developed by Apple is iMovie, which also stands out for being tremendously simple and intuitive. The possibility of adding effects, music and the rest of the tools mentioned in Clips also exists in this app, but the most outstanding thing is that it is multiplatform. This is extremely useful if you want to continue video editing on a Mac, or vice versa.

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