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Eddy Cue’s tribute to Steve Jobs

Eddy Cue is one of the most important people on Apple’s executive board today. That’s why his words are very important in the blogosphere, such as the emotional tribute he paid to Steve Jobs while receiving an award in his name. We know all this thanks to a video he posted on his own Twitter where he shows scenes of Steve Jobs and his speech after receiving the award.

Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue has tweeted a link to a video in which accepts – on behalf of Steve Jobs – an award at the San Francisco Bay Area Hall of Fame . This award was created to recognize the merit of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the San Francisco area, and of course, Steve Jobs could not miss it.

Eddy Cue’s tribute to Steve Jobs
Eddy Cue’s tribute to Steve Jobs

The video -of about 14 minutes- contains some memorable scenes from Steve Jobs , a message from his friend and president of Intuit -William Campbell- and a moving speech from Eddy Cue, in which he talks about what Steve meant to him. Below you have the video:

It is interesting to highlight the part where Eddy describes the launch of the iMac , said that they could not access the site until midnight the day before the launch, and describes a lesson he learned from Jobs about perfection in doing things:

Of course, a more than emotional speech by Eddy Cue, who shows us that Steve Jobs’ philosophy has been imbued not only in the company in general, but also in the people around him.

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