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Eddy Cue, Apple’s ace in the hole

After the storm has passed, we can start to digest a little bit the bacchanal of executive moves that has been in Apple during the last month . The truth is that Scott Forstall’s sudden departure from iOS has been shocking to say the least. Considering that it is one of the most profitable divisions of Apple, and that the numbers have not been bad, far from it.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s ace in the hole
Eddy Cue, Apple’s ace in the hole

But let’s air out the “dirty laundry,” which is always entertaining… At least in cases like this. Two “mistakes” were made by Scott Forstall, first, to be the maximum responsible for two of the newest features that have been included in iOS in these last two versions, the maps and Siri… And the results of both have not been what was expected from them. And secondly, the bad tongues speak about that he faced one of the sacred cows of Apple, Jonathan Ive.

And in all this appears Eddy Cue , he’s a bit “dull” type that we saw in some important presentation of iTunes, like for example when presenting the new version that we should see this month, if he doesn’t suffer more delays. But the truth is that even if he is not as strong a personality as Scott, Eddy has earned the fame of “Mr. Wolf” in Apple, he solves problems.

This same month we have seen movements that affirm the confidence that Tim Cook has in Eddy Cue . First by his appointment as Vice President responsible for Siri and Maps. He has been tasked with making sure these two iOS features work as they should. And when someone at Apple takes responsibility for something, he is responsible to the very end.

Eddy Cue has also joined Ferrari’s board of directors. As he himself says, since he was eight years old, he dreamed of having one someday, and it was five years ago that this dream came true. The head of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, after a brief conversation with Tim Cook, has no hesitation in hiring Eddy Cue to help the “Prancing Horse”.

In the mouth of Luca himself, Eddy’s experience on the Internet is invaluable… Although who knows if we will see Siri and Maps in the next Ferrari… irony_off .

In short, even in the shadow, the confidence in Eddy within Apple is maximum. Firstly because he has a reputation for knowing how to manage his work groups very well, getting the total trust of his subordinates. Second, because he managed to convince Steve Jobs (after much insistence) that a 7-inch tablet is usable.

And thirdly, because Tim Cook has put in his hands the last two Apple “fiascos”, Siri and Maps . In the next few months we should start seeing results in this regard. Let’s hope these are good ones.