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ECS shows a tablet prototype that integrates an iPhone 4


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ECS shows a tablet prototype that integrates an iPhone 4
ECS shows a tablet prototype that integrates an iPhone 4

A new tablet from the company ECS capable of housing an iPhone 4 or a device of similar size. Let’s see some details.

If yesterday we saw in the Computex 2011 the novelty of the Asus Padfone – which is still a tablet with a section in the back where we can accommodate a smartphone – today it has come out a “twin brother” or, at least, quite similar.

We are dealing with two concepts, two proposals that have not seen the light of day (commercially speaking), but are nevertheless interesting. Will we soon be talking about a new gadget ? In the same way that the evolution of mobile phones coined the term smartphonecould we speak in this case of ” tabletphone ” to refer to this new device ?

The company responsible for this design is ECS, which is better known for manufacturing motherboards than for innovating this product line (although you never know, given what you see). Personally I find the concept of the Asus Padfone more “creative”. In this other case (we cannot give a name because it is not “baptized” yet) it resembles more a simple pocket on the back where we fit a phone or any other device with similar measurements, nothing else.

In the video we can see one of the Engadget editors moved to the Computex making a small demo of this tabletphone with an iPhone 4, although he makes clear in the first minute that it does not necessarily have to be the Apple device.

Let’s dream: as a user I would like this concept to see the light of day. But I would like this compartment to have a small dock to which I can connect my iPhone (battery charging, data-contact synchronization, etc.) or even a small external hard drive that we could comfortably replace (if the price allows it) and have several different units (at home, in the office,…)