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Échale un vistazo al teatro Steve Jobs por dentro

As all Cupertino’s company fans know, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, loves to relive memories and bring back to life one of the company’s fathers and founders, Steve Jobs . One of the most elegant ways Cook used to give him the legacy he deserves was the creation of a theater in his name, the famous “Steve Jobs Theater”, which is located within the land that the Californian firm owns in Cupertino where Apple Park is located.

Some time ago we could see through a video made by a company called Planet Labs, which bought 6 satellites from Google at the beginning of this year, in which during 18 seconds we could witness the evolution that Apple Park has recently experienced, because apparently Apple is getting its act together since this project started 2 years ago and is still not far from being finished.

Échale un vistazo al teatro Steve Jobs por dentro
Échale un vistazo al teatro Steve Jobs por dentro

Earlier this week another video similar to the one mentioned above with the same characteristics showed the progress that has been made in the construction of the Steve Jobs Theater recently. In this video we can see how the Apple Park goes from being the beams and the base structure of the building itself to be as it is today.

The Steve Jobs Theatre can be very useful when presenting the keynote in the WWDC of each corresponding year instead of changing the building every 12 months . This year’s conference has left us speechless with the new features presented by Apple developers, from vastly improved software and hardware to new laptops and desktops updated to compete with today’s rivals.

In the video we have shown you above we can clearly see the structures inside the Apple Park , such as the cafeteria and the Visitor Center, for which Apple is looking for staff to perform a function similar to that of a tour guide, but along the company of the block.

The immense amount of money Cupertino’s company has invested in this new headquarters is unknown, but we can get an idea that the amount will be chilling. Let’s hope we can see this new Apple headquarters open to the public soon and who knows, maybe we can have a coffee with Tim Cook some day.

Source : 9to5Mac