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eBook sales plunge and paper books resurface

A few years ago, with the appearance of eBooks many were those who predicted the future disappearance of paper books . These predictions, far from being fulfilled, are proving to be completely misguided because, despite the multiple possibilities offered by reading in eBooks, it seems that romanticism reigns and that readers do not abandon paper . The data, moreover, would be demonstrating this.

eBooks can’t beat paper books

Sales of e-books in the US market suffered a fall of 18.7% in the first nine months of 2016, while sales in the UK suffered a significant drop of 17% over the year. It appears that there is a clear resurgence in physical book reading , where sales grew during the same period.

eBook sales plunge and paper books resurface
eBook sales plunge and paper books resurface

eBook among printed books

In the United Kingdom, sales of physical books and magazines increased by 7% during the same period, while children’s books increased by 16%. The same trend is clearly showing up in the United States, where sales of paperbacks grew by 7.5% over the same period , and hardcover books increased by 4.1%.

Printed books and their recent surge in popularity

The popularity of printed books is not a dynamic that can be considered secure and future-oriented. Children’s literature has always been more popular in printed format , and for many people hardcover format books are preferable, while colouring books are becoming a very prominent trend in recent years. The UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom also suggested that some consumers were trying to reduce their use of digital devices , in what seems to be a market trend worth following. Ofcom noted that one third of adults had attempted a “digital detox” by 2016 by limiting their use of smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Other eBook reading format

The future of books continues to struggle, between the classic and the new

Everything seems to indicate that the two formats can subsist in the market , with slight variations that incline the user between one option or another. Something that seems to be established, and that is difficult to do without new contributions, will prevent the eBook from definitively conquering readers. Fashions can vary the trend for one option or another, but if eBooks want to dominate the market, they will have to make great advances that break the current dynamics of the market.

What do you think about the current trend in favour of printed books? Your opinion is important to us.

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