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eBay will accept Apple Pay payments starting in the fall

Good news for eBay users and those who enjoy Apple Pay , as the auction company itself has just announced that from autumn onwards, we will be able to use Apple’s payment method to make our purchases.

This is an initial phase that will start in the autumn, so it will not be available for all regions, users and products. The final phase is expected to be completed in 2021, while in 2019 , most users should already be able to buy using this option without problems.

eBay will accept Apple Pay payments starting in the fall
eBay will accept Apple Pay payments starting in the fall

eBay claims that the security and fast handling of transactions with Apple’s payment system makes the user feel more comfortable when making a purchase on the Internet. Apple Pay is becoming more and more widespread , where it is currently present in the largest banks and most popular banks.

The most widely used payment system on eBay is PayPal , currently with a commitment until 2023, by which time PayPal may no longer be operating on the platform, at least as the primary means of payment . From next fall, Apple Pay will “compete” with PayPal. The company’s directors believe that it is one of the best options for making purchases on their website.

“Apple Pay is one of the most successful forms of payment and provides users with an easy, fast and secure way to pay” , said Steve Fisher , vice president of payments at eBay. “Apple Pay offers a secure way to pay on eBay, this is the first step in providing more choice and flexibility in payment options to our tens of millions of shoppers.

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We remember that a little more than a week ago, Apple Pay is already available in the 20 most popular banks in our country. The last one to arrive (and perhaps the most expected) was BBVA . ING is neither here nor expected at the moment, at least in the short term.


What do you think about this step of eBay to allow the use of Apple Pay on its platform?

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