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Eating apples: Fans are useless

We started this week with this new section dedicated to all those occasions when Apple said something that seemed inviolable, and after a short time changed his mind and had to eat his own words, but they, instead of words, eat apples. This week we talk about the usefulness of fans on Macs.

Another year begins, and at Applesupportphonenumber we are not standing still and continue working to keep you informed and entertained. For that reason, we started a new section, called ” Eating apples “. What will this section be about? In it we will talk about all those occasions when Apple said something that seemed to be a declaration of principles of the company, that is, something inviolable and that would never change, and after a short time had to change its mind and eat its own words , but they, instead of words, eat apples.

Eating apples: Fans are useless
Eating apples: Fans are useless

An example of this is the first case we will analyze today, which is one of the first cases we know of in the history of Apple . We’ve all heard about Steve Jobs’ testosterone. When he said something was useless there was no need to argue. It just wasn’t done. That happened with one of the first Macintoshes, the one that was known as Macintosh 128k. Steve Jobs was sure that fans in computers were nothing zen , all they did was “take the edge off”, in his own words that can be read in his biography (which if you have not read it, I highly recommend). For the same reason, this computer was created from the beginning without a fan , something that made it truly silent.

However, just because Jobs said something, it didn’t mean it was practical. The use of fans can make noise and perhaps distract the user, but they are vital for the proper functioning of the internal components . The fact that these computers were manufactured without fans meant that, in the eyes of users, they ended up being nicknamed “the beige toaster” , due to the high temperatures that they reached, causing some internal components to stop working correctly and causing sales to drop sharply a few months after they were released.

This wasn’t the only Apple computer that showed up without fans. A few years later the Power Mac G4 Cube appeared, with better results than the first one, being one of the few computers that has been considered a masterpiece for its design, being exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York .

As we can see, this time Apple had to eat his words: computers can’t work without fans , even if we don’t like them or find them not very zen . With the exception of this equipment, all the other computers of Cupertino’s company have had to mount fans inside them to cool down, making them more durable . Even the thinnest of the family, the 11-inch MacBook Air has a built-in fan, which proves that it is truly important for the machines to work properly.

That’s it for this week. In the next article we will see how Apple eats the apple of IBM’s hatred . We are waiting for you.

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