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Easily purchase our cinema ticket with Passbook

iOS: Cómo usar Passbook

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Easily purchase our cinema ticket with PassbookEasily purchase our cinema ticket with Passbook

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To do so, we only need to have the Passbook application installed in our device and, in this case, buy our tickets through If you want to know how to get your ticket without moving from your sofa and not having to queue to get your ticket, this is your post.

Still at this point, many people wonder what this application does, and that is that those of Cupertino, either have not known how to give it much output, or many do not know the functions of it.

To clear up the doubts, if we are the ones of the second option, Passbook is like a kind of virtual wallet or file . In it we can keep or file boarding passes, movie tickets, gift cards, train and plane tickets, etc. We can enter the cards, tickets or tickets in Passbook by receiving them through a mail , a message, scanning a barcode with the camera of our iPhone or downloading the attachment from the web browser . Passbook will be that place where we can have stored and saved all these documents.

In this post, we are going to focus on buying a movie ticket and then storing it in Passbook. To do this we will acquire the ticket from , we can do it via web or use the iOS application, we will use the iOS application.

First we open the application, and enter the movie section . By geolocation, the cinemas closest to our position will appear, we select our own and then the billboard appears. At this point we must simply choose the schedule of our film, the seats (we can choose and see from our device the free seats) and make payment.

When we make the payment, we will choose the option to save entry in Passbook, and we will receive, to the email we have introduced, a link through which our entries will be loaded directly in the Passbook application. When we arrive at the cinema we will go to the queue to enter the room, and we will show the iPhone with our tickets through Passbook , so they can scan them.

Let’s enjoy the movie!

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