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Easily change or delete the PIN code on your iPhone or iPad

Qué es el PIN de la SIM

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Easily change or delete the PIN code on your iPhone or iPad
Easily change or delete the PIN code on your iPhone or iPad

The PIN code has been the longest implemented security measure in our devices since mobile phones started to be marketed. However, for many, is a security layer that has become outdated and unnecessary today . And the truth is that, in the case of Apple and others, the lock code and the fingerprint reader have greatly improved the security of our iPhones and iPads. If you want to delete or change the PIN number of your iPhone and iPad, we’ll briefly explain how to do it .

In iOS it is very easy to change or remove the PIN . We will need to access: Settings-> Phone-> SIM PIN (on iPad with 3G or 4G it’s the same way), from there we’ll have the option to deactivate it or change it for a new one. And that’s it! Please note that if you have forgotten your current PIN code, you cannot change it, as you will have to insert it first in order to put in a new one. And the same goes for deactivating it, you will also have to enter your current PIN first.

Apple has long had the idea of removing the SIM card completely from the iPhone and iPad . After making changes to the size of SIM cards in all generations of the iPhone: SIM, MicroSIM and the current nanoSIM, Apple has reached the limit of being able to reduce the size, so all that remains is to remove it. These cards, called e-SIM, would be integrated into the device itself and would not be accessible to users.

In short, as I mentioned at the beginning, several users already consider it something expendable and that will prevent you from having to remember one more unlocking number on your device. There is also the other side of the coin, and there are those who think that protecting our data is another form of security. . Be that as it may, it is easy to remove if we see the need.

What about you? Do you still have the PIN code activated? Do you think it’s unnecessary these days? Tell us in the comments!