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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – recovers deleted files

Often there are several files that we delete without realizing it . Many of us have deleted photos, perhaps by mistake or out of ignorance, and have no longer been able to access them. We bring you the perfect solution to this problem.

Surely on some occasion in our daily lives we have encountered one of these situations :

  • Data loss due to system errors or unexpected shutdown
  • Accidental erasures
  • Electrical system interruption
  • Files deleted by anti-malware systems.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – recovers deleted files
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – recovers deleted files

Losing valuable information is one of the most serious problems in the use of digital technology . Because if it is a question of jobs or projects, the only solution a priori is to carry them out again. What if I told you that you could get that project back?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: recover files you have written off

With this program of EaseUS we will be able to return to our Mac all the information that we have lost accidentally, since the software is capable of performing the following functions:

  • Detecting video, image, audio or common files
  • Preview of localized information
  • Organization of files by: path, type or date
  • Two recovery modes: simple and deep scan
  • Saving the scanned information

How does the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard work?

The operation of the program is very simple and intuitive . First, we must choose the file type we want to retrieve. We can choose between different file types: image, audio, email, document, video, file or other.

In the second step, we must select the drive where we want the software to do the search.

Once the analysis is finished, all the files that the program has managed to find will be displayed, so we can select those that we want to recover .

Without a doubt, this EraseUS software is a essential tool for our Mac , since it will save us more than once from some of these situations. If you wish to download this program, we leave you with the link.

In addition, there is now a 40% promotion in the Pro version

Why wait to install it on your Mac? If you have something to tell us, don’t hesitate to give us your opinion.

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