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Earpods, Apple’s iconic headphones change a decade later

Remember those white helmets? Apple

Earpods, Apple’s iconic headphones change a decade later
Earpods, Apple’s iconic headphones change a decade later

The ones that were bright white and stood out from the usual black ones from other manufacturers. The ones that when you saw someone wearing them, you knew they had an iPod in their pocket. Apple today decided to renew them, yes, you had already seen them, but you didn’t know what they were called, the Earpods.

Apple has decided to improve its ergonomics and sound quality . After years of using headphones that I found uncomfortable with prolonged use, I switched to in-ear headphones some time ago and I find them to be excellent. Now Apple seems to be willing to change this, and after so much literature only the comparatives will give us the technical data.

These new headphones, although also sold separately, will be included in the new iPod nano and touch and of course in the new iPhone 5 . Apple has started from something that seems to nobody to be important, to look for a common volume in the ear to try to determine a form that is as adapted as possible . Achieving this seems silly, but the truth is that I have tried headphones from top brand devices that literally hurt me just by inserting them in my ear.

That’s not all, they also tried to improve the sound by defining a target , a person sitting in a room listening to music with a high-end computer. With this and with the testing of 124 prototypes on more than 600 people, they have achieved what we have now, the Earpods.

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