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Dungeons, the Most Expected iPad Game

Many of you will remember the high-profile presentation the Epic Games guys gave at the launch of the new iPad. In it, they presented the advances they had made with the Unreal Engine on Apple’s A5X processor. In particular, they showed the world what was going to be the new game of the Infinity Blade franchise for iOS .

It won’t be long now before we can play Infinity Blade: Dungeons

That’s right, it’s Infinity Blade: Dungeons , and we assume you’ll be able to run it on the iPad, iPad 2 and the new one, although there’s no confirmation on the first two. Obviously, we will be able to see it with higher graphic display and resolution in the third generation tablet n.

Dungeons, the Most Expected iPad Game
Dungeons, the Most Expected iPad Game

There are several things that catch our attention pleasantly. To begin with, forging your swords becomes a fun mini-game in which we will have to polish and hit the imperfections in order to improve their characteristics. Remember that the objective of the game is to go advancing through dark dungeons improving our objects until we manage to forge the Infinity Blade.

On the other hand, there are special skills such as the hammer throw, with which our hero attacks from a distance by tracing the path on the screen . You can see that the guys at Epic Games are trying to design a completely intuitive interface for the iPad.

Here is the video in question about Infinity Blade: Dungeons for iPad :

What did you think? The truth is that we can’t wait to get our hands on this marvel , which promises to raise the bar for handheld gaming to a new level. The release date is still unknown, but we’ll probably see it before the end of the year.

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