Dungeon Hunter 5, good action and role playing on your iPhone and iPad

Although it is true that the RPG genre is not the most suitable for a mobile game , the truth is that some titles have stood out over the years and have positioned themselves as true examples of well-made games for the iPhone and iPad. The Infinity Blade saga or the Dungeon Hunter saga are examples of this.

The fifth title in the Dungeon Hunter saga is one of the best action and fantasy games that we found for iOS, today we are going to see more in detail what it is about and we start with the synopsis of the game:

Dungeon Hunter 5, good action and role playing on your iPhone and iPad
Dungeon Hunter 5, good action and role playing on your iPhone and iPad

Gameloft has achieved a game that shines from start to finish. In Dungeon Hunter 5 we simply cannot separate ourselves from the screen of our smartphone or tablet, because it hooks from start to finish. Once you grab your hero and start hunting…, it’s up to you to survive and be the best character in the game.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is Gameloft’s game where close combat makes sense . At the beginning of the game you choose your hero and you will have to improve it little by little thanks to the combats that you will have to carry out against all the monsters and creatures that will appear and challenge you along the campaign of the game.

Throughout the game we can join different clans or fight against others, as well as equip our character with the more than 150 weapons or almost 50 armors that exist in the game. Each character and each clan has its own skills and characteristics, so depending on what we have chosen we will be better at some things or others.

As you may have guessed, there are two types of game: individual , where we will have hours and hours of fun doing the game’s campaign; collective , where we will join other friends for common attacks or common defence, that is, by clans. If this is not enough for you, you can also play fortress mode , where you have to take care of and improve your strength to defend yourself against other enemies or attack other fortresses. Of course the game has everything.

If you want to try Dungeon Hunter 5 you can do so by downloading the application for free from the App Store, whether you have an iPhone or an iPad. However, if you’re on the computer you can scan the QR code directly with your iOS device to instantly download the game so you don’t have to search for it.

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