Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPad, Gameloft’s Action RPG is Back

Gameloft always has us used to great games and the fourth title in the Dungeon Hunter saga for iPad is completely spectacular. Evil is back and this time only a hero will be able to finish off all the demons and creatures that will try to wipe out the entire kingdom. Become one of the four fabulous warriors and start a great campaign to exterminate evil forever.

We’ve tried it ONLY!

This time Gameloft surprises us with a game for iPad where the most important thing is the single player mode. You will be able to customize your warrior, buy different weapons, potions, spells, have different special attacks and skills that will show the dough that your fighter is made of. Dungeon Hunter 4 has excellent graphics and the sound of the game accompanies you in every battle , in every walk, no doubt will leave you with your mouth open. For those of you who need to beat a friendly rival, don’t despair, it includes a fantastic multiplayer mode where you can show off all your warrior skills.

Dungeon Hunter 4, one of the most anticipated action RPG games for iPad lands on the App Store, what are you waiting for?

Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPad, Gameloft’s Action RPG is Back
Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPad, Gameloft’s Action RPG is Back

In Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPad you start, as usual, with a short tutorial. It will take you through all the menus and sub-menus of the game, as well as teach you how to fight with some simple combats. It will also teach you how to mix up items in your inventory and how to use runes. After completing the tutorial you will be able to access all game modes , including multiplayer.

In this new Dungeon Hunter game Gameloft has gone for the single player campaign mode and the level of customization is incredible . You can choose your hero from four types of fighters: the Warrior, the Swordsman, the Wizard and the Sentinel. You can also choose the gender of any of them and then change any part of their clothing, even their boots!

Each fighter in Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPad has his own skills and special moves that will help you in battle. The controls are very similar to the previous game. Two virtual joysticks, the left one to move the character and the right one to launch your attacks. You will also find other action and skill buttons around, plus a button where you can choose a potion that will help you.

During the game your character’s level will increase and you will gain in skills. Customization is key if you want to advance in the game . There are two currencies, gold and gems, and with them you can buy new weapons, helmets, armour, loot, etc. Everything you buy will add strength to your hero in the form of damage, health and experience points. The better equipped your character is, the further you can go.

We’ve already played Dungeon Hunter 4 for iPad:

Dungeon Hunter 4 is an iPad game you must have installed. The download is free so there is no excuse for you not to try this new freemium from Gameloft. In the game you will be able to surpass yourself because you are in front of one of the best RPG action games you have ever seen. The level of customization is great and you will be able to sell the items you no longer use so you can buy other items needed in the battle. Also, you can insert runes in some items and weapons that you will find in your way, don’t forget to sell an item with an embedded rune, you don’t know when you will need it.

In the character menu you can create two different heroes without going through the checkout and up to four by buying the slots with gems, so you can play different users with the same iPad. Dungeon Hunter 4 is compatible with all iPad models, including the small iPad Mini. It is also possible to connect with Facebook and share all the progress you make with your friends.

Don’t you think it’s an amazing game? Well, you can download it now because it’s already available on the App Store.


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