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Dubious information about the new iPhone 2018 begins

Year after year, as the date of presentation of the new iPhone approaches, information about alleged leaks concerning the new Apple devices begins to appear.

This year it was not going to be less, where with only 48 hours left of the event of Apple , already begin to leave information of what could present the Californians in a couple of days.

Dubious information about the new iPhone 2018 begins
Dubious information about the new iPhone 2018 begins

Of course, we don’t give you any kind of credibility , that doesn’t mean you’ll get it right, but with this kind of information you always have to go with a grain of salt. For those who are more curious, we leave you with the latest news.

Alleged leakage of new iPhone on an official Australian website

As we can see in the Slashleaks image, they claim that the new iPhone 2018 has been available for a limited time on Apple’s Australian website. Interestingly, with a very broad color palette, as has been rumored in front of the last few weeks.

But if we look at the supposed real image, we can see how the “space grey” model appears as “Space Grey”, when Apple advertises it as “Space Gray” (cover image). A detail that has been quickly noticed by several users, discarding the validity of this image.

Label with the features of the new iPhone 2018

Another alleged leak refers to a real image where two models are specified through a rather deteriorated label. Specifically, it shows us the iPhone Xs 64 and 256 GB storage. In it, we can see the iPhone Xs model (which we talked about a few days ago), as well as the contents of the box.

Availability and prices of the new iPhone 2018

This image may offer some truth, since following the logic of the previous years, the dates could fit perfectly, although until it is confirmed by Apple, all this is wet paper.

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As we can see, they refer to an iPhone Xs, Xs Plus and Xc. Presented next September 12 and available from next September 21 the same month. The curious thing here is the reference to the iPhone Xc, as this generation could incorporate a new, wider range of colours (like the ones we have shown above).

This advertising poster makes us see how a TV operator already has everything ready to launch a new Apple terminal with capacity of one double SIM . We also cover this information, where everything seems to point to the fact that the landing would only be in China, a country where there is a great demand for devices with dual SIM.

Luckily, there are only a couple of days left to get out of the way of what Apple will present to the world through an event that we hope will include a ” One more thing “. Between now and the event, other types of information will continue to appear that may be erroneous and others that simply generate vanity.

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As we mentioned at the beginning, we give credibility to this information, but you will surely find it as curious as we do.

Do you think we will actually see all these new features? What’s your bet?

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