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Dropbox, the essential app on my iPhone

Por qué decidí usar iCloud Drive como espacio en la nube y no Dropbox

Can an application be good enough to determine subscription to a given service? This has been Microsoft’s philosophy in the iOS ecosystem since the advent of Satya Nadella: to convince the user to subscribe to its services through high quality applications. And I must say that something exactly like this has happened to me with Dropbox. Not the cloud service, but its iOS application that over time has become one of the tools I use most on the iPhone , and has dragged me to sign up for its subscription.

Dropbox, the essential app on my iPhone
Dropbox, the essential app on my iPhone

Dropbox may not be for everyone, but for us freelancers who carry the office around with us, it’s a real lifesaver. The basic principle of this service is what we all know: a hard disk in the cloud that allows us to access all our documents from any place and device, but also the ‘extras’ offered by the app raise the stakes even higher.

  • Scanning documents: this was the function that changed everything for me. The addition of a document scanner saved me a fundamental step in the document management that I am forced to take on a daily basis. I use Dropbox to store all kinds of invoices for posting, and now I can do it directly without any intermediary apps. The scanner engine works really well and after debugging the content, the app allows you to store both JPG and PDF formats of the scanned document in the cloud.
  • Useful widget integration: Few applications have been as sincere in choosing the usefulness of their widget as Dropbox has been. It only focuses on creating shortcuts to three possible operations you can perform with the app: scanning documents, uploading photos and creating files. In a couple of gestures you can add a document to your collection and choose the folder in which to save it.
  • Sign and write on PDF: The great integration of services offered by Dropbox in its iOS app also leads to something that some of us use more often than we would have initially expected. Yes, adding a signature to PDF documents can be a very simple thing or a real pain in the ass that forces us to open several applications. Dropbox solves it by integrating this possibility in its app, as well as adding a certain text to a PDF document (ideal for filling in forms).

Little by little and thanks to this battery of improvements that Dropbox integrated a few months ago in its iOS application, the app was gaining prominence on my iPhone until it ended up taking up precious space on the main screen. Although, as we mentioned, to add content the most convenient way is to use the widget. A few weeks passed before I decided to hire extra space: 1 TB for 99,99 euros per year. A lot? little? it depends logically on the use that will be given, but in my case and for work, it compensates me very much.

To all these advantages of one of the most successful apps of iOS we can add its great integration with Force Touch , which allows us to see the last consulted documents or make a search in an instantaneous way, and of course, the support to TouchID , which keeps our documents safe from other people’s eyes.

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