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Dropbox is updated with a completely redesigned iOS application

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Dropbox is updated with a completely redesigned iOS application
Dropbox is updated with a completely redesigned iOS application

Dropbox, one of the world’s most widely used cloud storage services, has just upgraded its application to iOS. Following the thought that quality is better than quantity, Dropbox 2.0 presents a short changelog that will nevertheless serve to greatly improve the user experience. Here we detail in depth all its new features.

Just yesterday we informed you about the update of some of the most popular applications in iOS and OS X, today it’s the turn of one of the most popular cloud storage services. Dropbox has released version 2.0 of its iPhone and iPad application, which comes with a redesigned interface as well as some improvements in terms of file uploading.

Its careful design is precisely the highlight of the application. At first glance we can see that Dropbox boasts a minimalist interface with softer and more homogeneous colours, much simpler lines and less visual complexity. The tabbed bar uses only icons to identify folders Photos, Favourites and Settings without text labels.

We are continuing with the changes. The file upload system has also undergone some improvement. In previous versions, it was necessary to specify which directory we wanted to upload our photos or documents to from the Uploads section , while now all folders have a + button which will give us two options: Upload here and Create new folder. Personally, I think this is a good idea as it will certainly make things easier for us.

Finally, this review introduces a new experience in browsing through our photos.

The new section Pictures will show us all our snapshots in a grid order by date, allowing us to scroll through our timeline . Another interesting option is the Facebook photo sharing that will now give us two different entries, Facebook Message and Facebook Post.

As usual, you can find it for free in the App Store. What are you waiting for?


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