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Dropbox for iPhone and iPad integrates with Microsoft Office

New Dropbox update for iPhone and iPad includes Office document editing

As promised in mid-November, Dropbox has activated a new feature that will offer users the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents through their respective applications, with automatic synchronization and saving.

Although it is recognized that the initiative is good, it would be even better if we could edit directly the documents in Dropbox for iPhone and iPad, or why not? the photos and videos, directly from the application. Anyway is still quite an interesting functionality that will save us time and “walks” from one application to another.

How to use this feature on iPhone and iPad?

Dropbox for iPhone and iPad integrates with Microsoft Office
Dropbox for iPhone and iPad integrates with Microsoft Office

When we upload or view any Microsoft Office suite compatible document in Dropbox , whether it’s a Word text file or an Excel spreadsheet, a new “Edit” button will appear in the user interface. Clicking on it will open the corresponding Microsoft Office application (obviously we will need to have it installed).

Once we’ve edited the file and left the app, it will automatically save and sync to the Dropbox cloud . Useful, isn’t it? You can access all these files from the cloud in an Office app, which also has support for automatic saving and syncing.

But what if we don’t have any applications from the Microsoft Office suite? Well, as we have found out thanks to AppleInsider, if we find a document of your format and click on “edit” in Dropbox, we will be automatically redirected to the iOS App Store tab to download the resulting app on our iPhone or iPad.

After following a simple registration process concerning the authorization and verification to edit Office documents in Dropbox we will be ready to start using that feature. There is no doubt that is a collaboration that will make life a little easier for iOS users.

After the abolition of paid subscriptions for its applications, it seems that Microsoft is still working on improving its services for consumers, even if this means reaching agreements with competitors (regarding its OneDrive cloud). Everything is for the users’ well-being!

We could also talk about Dropbox, which renews its app with constant improvements and functionalities.

Download Dropbox

This is a free app that allows us to save all our files in the cloud for downloading anytime, anywhere.

Office for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very useful word processor. An indispensable tool for writers, journalists or editors.


With Excel we can create and calculate data using spreadsheets. If you work as an analyst or in something related to the economy can not miss among your favorite applications.


With Powerpoint we will have the possibility to create presentations with a really professional look.


An intuitive app for note-taking and annotation. Ideal for university students.

What do you think about this new feature, guys? Participate in the comments, we are waiting for you!