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Dropbox for iOS now allows you to edit Office documents

Integración con Office

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Dropbox for iOS now allows you to edit Office documents
Dropbox for iOS now allows you to edit Office documents

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After the announcement by Microsoft that they already integrated Dropbox into Office, it seems that they have something to contribute to Dropbox as part of this collaboration as well. They just announced a few minutes ago that the iOS and Android apps are also integrated with the Office files in our account .

But let’s not think that they have integrated a simple editor inside the app of Dropbox, but that now from the application itself we can launch the Office -which we remember is now free for all iOS users, even without an Office 365 subscription- that we have installed in our device, to edit the document directly.

We can also generate files to our Dropbox from the Office application, and open the documents we have in Dropbox directly in Office . To start enjoying this feature you’d better go to the App Store and download the new Dropbox update.

Now open any Office document, spreadsheet or presentation in your Dropbox. When you click on the Edit icon, the corresponding Office application will open. Once we’re done, the changes will be saved back to Dropbox, completely automatically.

For web users this functionality is expected to arrive early next year. The most curious thing is how open Microsoft is showing itself every time , which despite having its own service as One Drive, expands the possibilities of Office integration to third party services, such as Dropbox. A totally admirable attitude, which we would never see in a company like Apple.

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