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Dropbox for iOS integrates with Acrobat Reader

In early November, we told you that Dropbox added a new feature that allowed Safari pages to be saved in iOS. Now we have to add a new feature, and that is that the app of Dropbox for iOS has been integrated with Acrobat Reader , bringing with it some very interesting new features.

Some time ago Dropbox allied with Microsoft , a union that brought its users the possibility to edit the documents they had stored in the cloud with the applications that form the Office package. On this occasion it has made a new very interesting move and has joined Adobe to add its functions.

Dropbox for iOS integrates with Acrobat Reader
Dropbox for iOS integrates with Acrobat Reader

From it will now be possible to modify any PDF you have stored in Dropbox using Acrobat Reader. Here are some more details about this new partnership between Dropbox and Adobe.

Open your PDFs stored in Dropbox and modify them with Acrobat Reader

If you are a user of either or both of these iOS applications, you will have seen that both have recently received a new update. Both Acrobat Reader and Dropbox for iOS have been updated to incorporate these new sync features arising from their new agreement.

From now on, if you are using Dropbox on your iOS device and you open a PDF you can easily send it to the Acrobat Reader app to edit it and save it directly with the modifications made back to Dropbox. Don’t expect too many modifications, though, as these will be the typical modifications that can be made to a PDF.

This means that if you open a PDF from Dropbox to modify it you will be able to change the signature, fill in a form, make notes, underline… To do this you need Acrobat Reader, as the document will be sent there from Dropbox to be modified and then saved again in the cloud.

Dropbox, one of the most powerful cloud storage services

Thanks to this new alliance with Adobe that has led to the integration of Dropbox with Acrobat Reader, the cloud storage service grows a little more and increases its potential when it comes to managing PDF documents, something that many users were missing. Without doubt, Dropbox has become one of the most popular cloud storage services, thanks to the functions it has and the improvements it is introducing from time to time.

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