Dropbox Could Have Been Hacked, What Should I Do?

Dropbox denies the hacking of its storage service, but does not clarify the reasons

The cloud storage service, Dropbox, suffered some problems during several hours on Friday attributed to a problem that arose during the regular maintenance of the service . During this service interruption, a group of hackers attributed the event to a popular social network, something that the company has strongly denied and has assured that its users’ data has not been filtered or compromised.

If you tried to access the website between 18:00 and 20:00 yesterday, you will know that visitors were redirected to a temporary page that said: ” We are aware of a problem currently affecting the Dropbox site… We have identified the cause of the problem, which is the result of an error in the routine internal maintenance process, we are working to get back to you as soon as possible.

Dropbox Could Have Been Hacked, What Should I Do?
Dropbox Could Have Been Hacked, What Should I Do?

It wasn’t until 8:30pm that the Dropbox site began to function normally.

Meanwhile, that’s what the group of hackers claiming to be affiliated with the hacker movement Anonymous said, claiming to have taken over the world’s best known cloud storage service.

In later tweets, the group 1755 Sec, said that the hacking of the Dropbox service was done to commemorate the first anniversary of the suicide of Aaron Swartz, an Internet pioneer, who committed suicide on January 11, 2013

In addition, Dropbox continues to claim that its cloud storage service was not attacked or hacked in any way . The issue is not at all clear, so from iPadizate we recommend you to follow the following steps to avoid major problems.

Steps to follow after a possible Dropbox hack

Back up all your dropbox files

In order to avoid the loss of data and documents that we have stored in our Dropbox account, it is advisable that we copy all our files and save them in our computer, to ensure their integrity in case of problems with the service.

Change your Dropbox account password

In order to protect our data and in case the Dropbox website has really been hacked, we recommend that you change your password by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website.
  2. Click your username at the top of any page to open your account menu and select Settings.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. Change your password by clicking on Change Password in the Account Login section at the top left.
  5. It is also advisable to activate the two-step login if it is available in your country.

For any other modification, you can do it from the security tab, there you can configure any other option to improve the protection of your data.

For the moment, we can only believe the words of Dropbox , until proven otherwise, but it never hurts to increase the security of our personal data to protect our information and as the guys at PcWorld say, it is still not clear why the service has fallen.

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