Dropbox acquires the photo management service Loom

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Dropbox acquires the photo management service Loom
Dropbox acquires the photo management service Loom

Dropbox is still making headlines, because if just a few days ago we were echoing the launch of Carousel, its new photo and video gallery for iOS, the popular cloud file hosting service is back in the news after having acquired Loom, the online photo management service . An operation that, while not surprising since both companies were pursuing similar goals, will affect end users.

In the official announcement of Loom, not only has it been announced that no new registrations will be accepted on the platform, but also it has been confirmed that the service will close its doors on May 16 . Thus, users will have to comply with this deadline in order to save their photos and videos, either by exporting them to Dropbox -without suffering any interruption in the service- or by downloading them locally in a single compressed file.

It has also been reported that Loom users will receive an email in the near future, with the relevant details and instructions needed to migrate to Carousel. Those who wish to do so will receive the same amount of space they had in Loom, forever.

So, it seems clear that Dropbox wants to put all the meat on the table to continue by remaining the clear reference among the different cloud file storage services . It remains to be seen how Carousel will be vitaminized, but from Applesupportphonenumber we will give a good account of the news that will bring us future updates.


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