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DRAGON QUEST V and App Store


Now you can enjoy this great adventure that spans three generations in the palm of your hand!

DRAGON QUEST V and App Store
DRAGON QUEST V and App Store

Become part of a family of heroes and be a part of all the triumphs and tragedies of their remarkable lives.

Enjoy three generations of adventure in a single package!
Once downloaded, you won’t have to buy or download anything else.
*The text of the game is only available in English.


? Foreword

Our hero begins his journey as a child, travelling the world with his father, Pankraz. Adventure after adventure, this boy learns and grows up to become a man, and then he decides to undertake the mission his father failed to complete: to find the Legendary Hero.

You can have this great story in your pocket now!


? Make friends with the monsters!
By befriending the fearsome monsters you face in combat, you can access unique spells and abilities, as well as a wealth of strategic possibilities.

? Talk to your group members!
You can engage in conversation with the curious characters who accompany you on your adventure. Don’t hesitate to talk to them whenever you need to, whether it’s for advice or just to chat.

?Vistas 360 degrees

Use the 360-degree angle view on cities and towns so you don’t miss anything!

?Batallas with AI

Tired of giving orders? You can instruct your loyal comrades to fight automatically!
Use the various tactics available to get rid of a feather from the toughest enemies.

?El casino

With the slot machines, poker games, monster battles and limo races of the limodrome, the casino is the ideal place to relax and release the tensions of adventurous life.
Plus you can trade the chips you win for all kinds of cool stuff here, so it’s worth taking a break!

?Tesoros and traps

Roll the dice and go through some particular game boards where you will find all sorts of events.

You’ll find things here that you won’t see anywhere else and if you make it to the end you can get a great reward.

?! Do glup glup!
The mini-game known as “glup glup” is a blast that was introduced in the Nintendo DS version in which you have to herd the slimy slime.
Play the limos before time runs out to earn points in this simple yet addictive game!

?Controles simple and intuitive

The game controls have been adapted to work seamlessly with the vertical design of modern mobile devices. In addition, the position of the steering knob can be changed for one- or two-handed play.

?Disfruta of a legendary role-playing game with millions of followers in Japan and around the world, the work of an inimitable trio: the famous creator Yuji Horii, the revolutionary composer Koichi Sugiyama and the renowned manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball).


[Supported operating systems]

iOS11.0 and above.

[Compatible devices]

iPhone 5S iPod touch (6th generation) iPad (5th generation) and above

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