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Dr. Dre’s Record, Heard 25 Million Times on Apple Music

On August 7, “Compton, A Soundtrack” was released, Dr. Dre’s latest album exclusively for iTunes and Apple Music . A week later, Dr. Dre’s album has achieved 25 million plays on the streaming music service, a truly incredible figure.

For its part, Apple continues with its promotion of Apple Music, and this weekend they have launched three television ads to promote the streaming music service and the Connect platform that comes integrated to unite artists with their fans. In addition, the company has taken the opportunity to announce a couple of very interesting facts .

Dr. Dre’s Record, Heard 25 Million Times on Apple Music
Dr. Dre’s Record, Heard 25 Million Times on Apple Music

In a statement, Apple says that “Compton, A Soundtrack” was played 25 million times over the course of its first week as exclusive content on Apple Music . On the other hand, they point out that the album was downloaded half a million times through the iTunes Store.

Record numbers for Dr. Dre’s latest work in Apple Music

Dr. Dre’s latest album entitled “Compton, A Soundtrack” is also part of the soundtrack for the movie “Straight Outta Compton” and during its first week exclusively at Apple Music it had 25 million plays worldwide. We must admit that this is a really incredible figure, especially considering that these reproductions have been produced only in Apple Music.

On the other hand, half a million users have bought and downloaded the album through the iTunes Store , as explained by Apple in a press release published last Sunday. “We’re starting to show what we can do in terms of communicating music to a global audience and helping artists at the same time” , said Jimmy Iovine.

The figures do not specify whether they are reproductions of the entire album or individual songs

In 9to5Mac they comment that these 25 million reproductions in Apple Music are incredible. However, they point out that this report does not explain whether this number of listeners refers to the entire album or to individual songs . On the other hand, they say that Apple is working to launch a major marketing campaign for Apple Music in order to raise the profile of the service and put more pressure on its competitors, especially Spotify.

To do so, they would launch several television commercials and large billboards to promote Apple Music and tell users about its benefits. For the moment they have already launched the “Discovery” campaign with three ads.

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