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Download TuLotero free

Playing the lottery and trying your luck is still fun for many. The illusion and hope of being a millionaire is something that can’t be taken away from anyone. Therefore, why not be able to do it easily from the iPhone, is what the developers of TuLotero, the ultimate app to play the lottery from the iPhone, asked themselves.

In TuLotero have the main lottery games in Spain: Christmas Lottery, Children’s Lottery, Bonoloto, Quiniela … All in one application, with a simple and convenient interface to use, because from the same account we can buy for different games, and manage our numbers. But the interesting thing is the ease of buying the numbers, and is that in about three or four steps we already have the number purchased, easy and fast.

Download TuLotero freeDownload TuLotero free

As it is usually the case in the App Store, TuLotero is a totally secure application, its developer claims that the numbers and tickets we buy are totally private, and if we are a winner we will receive the full amount, without any additional cost or commission from the application. Please note that in order to use the application you need to deposit your credit card to purchase numbers. Well, the application is certified as secure by BBVA, so we should not worry about this either.

In short, an iPhone application that allows us to buy and manage our lottery numbers easily from our mobile phone and without having to worry about physically buying the numbers with the possibility of losing them or having them deteriorate. So if you are a regular lottery player consider giving this application a try. Also, this Friday June 5th there is a special super jackpot of 100Millions Euros in the Euromillions, take advantage of this opportunity. TuLotero can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Download TuLotero