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Download Todoist 10 for iPhone and iPad

Since its launch in 2007, Todosist has grown gradually thanks to the many new improvements it has introduced , as well as its expansion to different platforms and in different languages. Currently, Todoist has become one of the best services to manage projects and ultimately, any task.

Today the Todoist guys have launched a new version for iPhone and iPad that brings some improvements to be taken into account . Adding tasks more easily, modifying them or changing the look of them are just some of these new features that make Todoist a must for anyone who wants to run a project in an organized and coherent way.

New features in Todoist 10

An improved design with the user in mind

Download Todoist 10 for iPhone and iPad
Download Todoist 10 for iPhone and iPad

In Todoist 10 the first thing we’ll notice is a change in the design. This change provides a much simpler but at the same time more comfortable and useful interface for the user. With different intuitive functions that we will see below Todoit 10 is a leap in design quality.

Another curious issue to take into account is the colors of the interface. Now we can choose from different colours to change the interface of the application, making the task manager a little more personal for each person.

Adding tasks is faster, easier and more natural

What stands out most in the new application is perhaps the button + at the bottom right, which we can use at any time to add a new task with a simple click. A function that allows us to add tasks easily and quickly , which will go directly to the inbox. But it’s not the only new way to enter tasks, for example if you’re on a task list and you separate two fingers between two of those tasks a new item will automatically appear to add a new task between those two.

On the other hand the intelligent data entry of Todoist allows us to write a task without any cumbersome process . For example, if I tell Todoist “Buy apples every Monday at 8 am” it will automatically create a task for me that is “Buy apples” and it will be repeated every Monday with a reminder at 8 pm. This is basic for me, otherwise I would have to add many of the tasks to all the data I have to indicate, but if the process is so simplified it is very grateful.

Working with multitasking and projects

In Todoist 10 for iOS we can edit several tasks at once . For example, if the dates for a project we have to deliver change and we have different sub-tasks in the project we can edit all the dates for all the sub-tasks at the same time, as well as complete these sub-tasks at the same time or assign them a different priority.

On the other hand, in the visual section we can configure to see only the root tasks , that is, to avoid sub-tasks. This is ideal to be able to see at a glance the process that a project is in, for example.

Todoist Todoist
In short, Todoist for iPhone and iPad has received a good wash to remain one of the most complete and powerful applications as far as task management is concerned. The fact that it is available for so many different platforms helps a lot, plus the free account is very complete and sufficient for an average user, although if you want to get the most out of Todoist I recommend the premium account , for less than 30 euros a year you have an incredible productivity tool.

Remember that the new version of Todoist for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store for free . On their website you can find the application for other platforms, such as OS X, Windows, Chrome or Android or directly the web version.

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