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Download this free Emojis pack for Halloween

If you are one of those who use Apple Messages and celebrate Halloween every year, you are in luck, as there is currently an Emojis pack with a Hallowen theme available completely free for a limited time.

In this Emojis pack we will find more than 50 pumpkins with different expressions for each situation where we need an answer for our contact.

Download this free Emojis pack for Halloween
Download this free Emojis pack for Halloween

This pack is only available for Messages , Apple’s instant messaging application, which we recommend you use if you have several contacts with one Apple device, it does not necessarily have to be an iPhone.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 , one of the most American celebrations that are gradually becoming popular in our country, especially in the big cities. Just by walking around the streets of our city, we will realize that this celebration is palpable. So it is better to go ahead and surprise our contacts with this pack of free Emojis.

Remember that this pack costs 0.99 euros , but for a limited time (of which we do not know), you can download it completely free for your use and enjoyment. If you have a friend or family member added to the “Family” option who could not download the free pack in time, they will be able to do so completely free, as the app allows for this in the additional information provided in the App Store.

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They are not animated Emojis , they are static and the truth is that they offer a different touch to our conversations, leaving the routine of the usual classics. So we recommend you download them to surprise your contacts.

Download pack here

What did you think of this Emojis pack? Were you able to download it for free during the limited time?