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Download the Best Wallpapers with HD Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

HD Wallpapers for iOS 7 and iOS 8 – The best wallpaper app

Today we’re looking at a great application developed by Origin 22 that will allow you to get some really spectacular wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad . The app is completely free and offers different wallpapers for iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8.

It is true that in the App Store there are many applications that allow you to download backgrounds to your iOS device, however Wallpapers HD does it in a very innovative way and thanks to its incredible design it is very nice to navigate through its impeccable interface to get some fabulous wallpapers.

Quickly browse, select and download your wallpapers

Download the Best Wallpapers with HD Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad
Download the Best Wallpapers with HD Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Now, with HD Wallpapers for iOS 7, it’s extremely easy and fast to download your favorite backgrounds to give your iPad or iPhone a truly unique and original look. The application offers 3 categories to find new wallpapers: All, Trending and Favourites .

Each wallpaper has 5 buttons , this feature makes the application unique in its kind. The first two buttons allow users to give likes or dislikes to the wallpaper in question, therefore wallpapers have a points and likes system and are automatically positioned in a sort of top ranking in the Trending category.

The next heart shaped button is the one related to the Favorites section. When you click on this button you send the wallpaper directly to the Favorites section , where you can find all your favorite wallpapers. In addition, thanks to this interesting option each wallpaper gets a score awarded by all users who use the application.

Of course, the iOS 7 Wallpaper HD app also offers a download button on each image , so you can save your favorite wallpapers to your photo reel with just one tap . Finally, the blue button will allow the user to share the backgrounds directly in instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Line and iMessage or in the main social networks. In addition, the app offers an option to assign a picture to your contacts, copy it, and even print it.

Without a doubt, thanks to the new features of Wallpapers HD you will be able to enjoy the best wallpapers and the most voted by users in just a few seconds. Useful, isn’t it? You only have to slide your finger over the images to find the wallpapers you like the most and save them on your iPhone or iPad. The wallpapers are updated every day!

In short, HD Wallpapers for iOS 7 is a super-recommended app . Are you going to miss it?

HD video wallpapers

Take a look at the great application interface in the following video!

What we liked best

  • The sublime design of its interface, totally intuitive and perfectly stylized.
  • The daily update with new wallpapers is really great.
  • User ratings are very useful in finding wallpapers we might like.

What we liked the least

  • It would be great if you could preview the wallpapers in landscape mode.

Download HD Wallpapers

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