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Download iOS 9 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad

Punctual as always, Apple has launched the second beta of iOS 9 and watchOS 2.0 complying with its betas program in which it releases every two weeks a new beta of the operating system they are testing. This time it brings quite a few new features in iOS 9 beta 2 also in the second watchOS 2.0 beta

The iOS 9 beta 2 does not bring very significant new features beyond those unveiled two weeks ago but, it seems, the emphasis has been placed on going polishing details and improving performance , something logical in each version of the betas.

Download iOS 9 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad
Download iOS 9 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad

On the other hand , the battery consumption that drained the battery in iOS 9 has been considerably improved. We also see improvements in applications and overall performance. Despite expectations iOS 8.4 Golden Master has not been released so it will be expected next week and will be released together with the Apple Music release.

WatchOS 2.0 beta 2 has also received its ration , in this new beta we see mainly improvements in the system performance, which decreased considerably with the first beta. Now it seems that everything is more stable and provides the owners of an Apple Watch a more pleasant experience.

Remember that to install either of these two betas you need to be registered with the Apple Developer Program , so don’t look for the update on your iPhone or iPad if you are not registered or have the previous version of the beta.

Over the next few hours we will be updating with all the new features of the new iOS 9 beta , a step further towards being the best mobile operating system of the moment.