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Download iOS 14 Wallpapers in new colors

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Now we have the great iOS 14 backgrounds in new colors.

Download iOS 14 Wallpapers in new colorsDownload iOS 14 Wallpapers in new colors

By Ángel Roca – Jul 12, 2020ShareFacebookTwitter

As with every new version of Apple’s operating systems, iOS 14 comes with new wallpapers in 6 different colors. These are very recognizable backgrounds and look really good on the iPhone, but they may not look like much to you. That’s why today we bring you a collection of wallpapers based on those of iOS 14 and with new colors available.

These amazing wallpapers have been created by the artist AR7, someone we advise you to follow if you want to get spectacular wallpapers . He has now edited the iOS 14 wallpapers with cool new colors.

How to download the new iOS 14 wallpapers to your iPhone

To download new iOS 14 wallpapers in new colors, which you have just below, we recommend you follow these steps and download them in maximum quality , you have to take advantage of those screens:

  • Locate the background, or backgrounds, that you like best from below.
  • On your iPhone, click the button that says “Download at Maximum Quality”.
  • They’re uploaded to Google Drive, so you may be able to open them in the app and download them from there.
  • If the background opens in a new tab in Safari, click on the download button above and click on view, or download.
  • Press and hold the screen and tap “Add to Photo”, or enter the download section above.

Once downloaded you only have to change the wallpaper on the iPhone, and we have two options. The first is to go to Settings> Wallpaper> Select another wallpaper and choose the one you have downloaded , you can put it on the lock screen or on the home screen. And the second option is go to the Photos application , select the downloaded wallpaper, click on the share icon at the bottom left and then on the button called Wallpaper.

iOS 14 backgrounds in new colors

Download at maximum quality
Download at maximum quality
Download at maximum quality
Download at maximum quality
Download at maximum quality
Download at maximum quality
Download at maximum quality

The most downloaded wallpapers

The collection of wallpapers that we have collected over the past few months is incredible , both for iPhone and iPad we have a selection of spectacular wallpapers of various themes, then we leave you with the backgrounds that you liked the most:

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