Download images for free from your iPhone or iPad with Pixabay

Google has decided to remove the option to view and download an image from the search engine itself. Fortunately, we have an app in iOS that allows us to download royalty-free images and completely free, we talk about Pixabay .

Thanks to this app, we have the opportunity to search for any image by simply entering the name of the object or even a particular situation.

Download images for free from your iPhone or iPad with Pixabay
Download images for free from your iPhone or iPad with Pixabay

Once we’ve found an image we like, we can select from different dimensions , where we’ll have options to save it, such as Files, Reel or share it in social networks or instant messaging applications.

Pixabay is created to share royalty-free images, where you can upload your own and help the community or even promote your photos . It also has a voting and commenting system.

This app is completely free , and it’s also adapted to the new iPhone X, although we must admit that some buttons are not very well integrated with the “notch”, where they are hidden and difficult to access.

In the searches, we can choose if we want an image in vertical, horizontal, in vectorial, illustration or photo . Also by editor, in case we have a favourite. You don’t have to register, but it is convenient if you want to use the web version.

Another interesting point is the information of the images, where we can see the resolution, the creation date, the views it has had, the downloads or even the type of camera that has been used.

If you are starting a blog as we mentioned in this post , it will be especially useful, of course, to accompany some project, both work and study.

Some images are paid for, but these are only a minority in Pixabay , with its extensive catalogue of free images will be more than enough for you.

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