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Download free music on the iPhone legally

When we have a new device in our hands, we always look to download content to fill its memory. Among this content, music stands out above all, which, a priori , can be downloaded from many methods. However, not all of these are legal. In this article we will explain the ways that exist to be able to have music on our mobile in a legal way.

Downloading music illegally has severe consequences

There have always been many methods to get our mobiles to play offline music for free, such as downloading videos from YouTube or other sites. But all these methods are totally illegal , since they violate the intellectual property of the authors of the songs and we can get into serious trouble if we encourage their download. It is true that a priori nothing can happen by doing these downloads but we have seen how many websites have been closed for infringing the law.

Download free music on the iPhone legally
Download free music on the iPhone legally

It should also be noted that users have begun to opt for legal methods as time has passed, either for the convenience it provides or to comply with legislation. This is why many services have recently emerged to perform a legal music download and in this article we will try to compile them.

With these services you can legally download music

As we said before, there are many services that will allow us to have music on our computer to download in a legal way. But obviously the authors of these songs must be able to eat and pay the bills so don’t expect applications that are free as they all require a subscription.

Apple Music

If we’re talking about the Apple ecosystem, the main service to comment on is Apple Music. With this we will be able to listen to a wide catalogue of music and of course we will be able to have it on our computers. You have the option of downloading songs individually or opting for lists or full albums.

If you’re new to the service, Apple offers a fairly generous trial period of 3 months premium for 99 cents . On this free plan, we’ll be able to test this download feature, but then we’ll be required to renew to continue to take advantage of it. In the table below you can see all the prices for this platform.

PlanWhat it includesStandard9.99 /monthAccess to the service with an individual account. Annual99/yearAccess to the service with an annual account. Family14.99/monthAccess to the service for up to 6 people in the iCloud family. Students4.99/monthStudents only. One single account. A number of requirements must be met. Subscribe to Apple Music


Another great music service available today is Spotify, with the ability to download different songs as well. This time it’s much easier to download complete lists that we’ve customised to play when we don’t have a connection on our mobile phone. At the top of each list, whether on your mobile or computer, there’s a section that you can tick to start the download.

This time we don’t have a long trial period , as it is limited to a few days. It’s true that we have a free mode to play songs without advertising, but in this case you can’t download the music at all. The prices of the service are summarized in the following table.

Plan PriceWhat’s includedMonthly9.99/monthSingle person plan. Family14.99/monthPlan for a total of 6 people living in the same address. Students4.99/monthAccount for one person. Specific requirements must be met. Sign up for Spotify Premium here

Amazon Music

Amazon has gradually expanded into the world of services, not just the purchase of goods. Through the subscription to Amazon Prime we have access to 2 million songs with the possibility of downloading them to our iPhone or computer in a relatively simple way. But if we want to have access to the catalogue of 50 million songs we must make an extra payment.

Prices may vary depending on whether we want access to the monthly or annual fee. In this case there is no student subscription at the moment, so the prices are summarised in the table below.

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceWhat it includesIndividual9.99/month99/yearSingle person accountFamily14.99/month149/yearUp to 6 person accountAccess Amazon Music Unlimited

YouTube Music

To no one’s surprise, YouTube not only offers us audiovisual content, but also a service dedicated to music. Many artists have chosen this platform to broadcast their video clips. That’s why the Google platform has wanted to get its chest out with YouTube Music which has a similar price to the rest of the services we have mentioned.

Access Youtube Music


Tidal has been gaining momentum lately with a rather aggressive advertising campaign offering a 30-day trial period . After this, you will have to pay a subscription fee similar to the one we have in the other services we have mentioned. It integrates the possibility of downloading a wide selection of music we make ourselves into the iPhone application.

Become a member of Tidal here

And you, how do you download legal music to your devices? Leave us your options in the comment box.