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Download Duet for iOS for free


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Download Duet for iOS for free
Download Duet for iOS for free

The full version of Duet, one of the best games to come out of the App Store can now be downloaded for free as it is the new app of the week in the store. As usual, every Thursday the editors of the App Store choose a new game and a new application that if it’s not free, it becomes available for a limited time.

This week we are lucky, because Duet was the best game of 2013 and now we can buy it for free. The main idea of Duet is to control two spheres that orbit around each other in the direction that you mark them , always trying to avoid the obstacles that come. Easy to play, hard to master, Duet elevates the act of block dodging into something fascinating, beautiful and even mysterious.

With minimalist graphics and a brilliant soundtrack Duet has a very addictive gameplay that will keep us glued to the iPhone or iPad screen.

Last week the application was updated with five new levels that must be purchased separately for less than one euro . The truth is that once you start the game you realize that those five new levels are worth paying for. According to the developers these are the reasons:

Personally I have played this game completely, and suffered a lot playing it . One of the most complicated games – leaving aside nonsense like Flappy Bird – and one of the most beautiful. I will only tell you that there comes a time when you know the level with your eyes closed from the number of times you have tried to pass it.

You can download Duet from the App Store for free for both iPhone and iPad. You already have a game for this weekend if you don’t know how to kill the hours.

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