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download, configure and first steps to call your contacts

In addition to having FaceTime as a standard app for video calls, macOS has other third-party apps. Among them, highlights Microsoft’s Skype for Mac , which is also present on all major platforms (there are even versions for Linux and Xbox). This app allows you to have video calls with users from a lot of devices, so it is often the preferred solution for home and business users. A good app for teleworking from home or anywhere in the world.

So in this article we’ll see how to use Skype on a Mac from scratch , counting your download, initial configuration and first steps.

Download and install Skype for Mac from the official website

download, configure and first steps to call your contacts
download, configure and first steps to call your contacts

In general, popular apps and services have other unofficial websites from which they can be downloaded. However, this is not advisable . For safety, it’s best to always go to the source: download Skype for Mac here. From a Mac with Catalina macOS, you must give permission to download.

A file ending with “.dmg” will be downloaded to your download folder. Open it and you will see a security warning . This warning asks you if you trust the website from which you downloaded it. As this is the official Skype website you can accept it without any problems.

Then drag the app icon into your “Applications” folder and you have installed Skype on your Mac . It’s that simple.

When you first open the app, Skype will ask you to create a new account or enter your credentials. As Skype is a service purchased by Microsoft, you can use your Live account to sign in.

How to find, add and call contacts in Skype for Mac

Once you have Skype installed on your Mac, it’s pretty easy to use. After entering your credentials, the first thing you need to do is search for and add contacts that you want to talk to. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In the left block of the app, hit the “Contacts” button.
  • A menu will appear below that says “Add New Contact”, press it.
  • Clicking on it will open a menu from which we can search for a contact.
  • You can do this through his name in Skype, phone number, email or full name. It will depend on which ones the user you are looking for has available.
  • One or more suggestions from that person will appear. Add the one you are looking for.

With the added user, it will appear in your contact list. Click on their name and their details will be displayed. Now, to call him by video call just hit the camera button in the top right-hand corner of Skype on a Mac.

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Here are the essential steps for installing, setting up and using Skype for Mac. You can now use this great tool both at work and with your family and friends.

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