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Download Auxo 2

Auxo is one of the most important tweaks in the world of jailbreak , because until Apple decided to give a twist to the iOS multitasking with iOS 7, Auxo was giving a thousand turns to the native multitasking of iOS 6 and earlier versions .

Today, the guys from Auxo have surprised us again, because is already among us Auxo 2 , a revolutionary tweak that will allow us to enjoy and express to the maximum the possibilities of iOS in multitasking themes. As you can see in the images, its main advantage is to join the Control Center with the multitasking itself, so that the efficiency is even higher.

Download Auxo 2
Download Auxo 2

The tweak comes to Cydia with an interface very much in line with iOS 7 , making its integration with the system as natural as possible. As well as its animations, which stand out for being fluid and dynamic. Of course these features are basic, because above all we seek to have a user experience of the most pleasant.

Other options include the ability to control the playback from the integrated control center, as well as exit from multitasking using various gestures on the corners of the screen.

You can see more details about this great tweak in the following video where we see how the animations are and all the options in depth .

The price with which it has landed in Cydia East tweak is $3.99, with a reduction to $1.99 for those who have previously purchased the first version of Auxo . An understandable price that shows that in the world of jailbreak there is also quality content that we can use with our iPhone or iPad.

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