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Download Apple Watch screenshots

Don’t ever doubt the genius of the developers, because there are an infinite number of very useful programs for all kinds of things on the Internet. It is the case today for example, the developer Steven Troughton-Smith has made a small utility for OS X that allows us to obtain the captures of any application for iPhone that has a version for the Apple Watch.

Currently, the App Store does not show the Apple Watch screenshots for any of the existing applications -even though it already has a version for the Apple Watch-, however, it is relatively easy to get them, even more so with this small program .

Download Apple Watch screenshots
Download Apple Watch screenshots

AppleWatchStore is the name they have given it, and its main and only function is to get any captures for Apple Watch found on the web pages we tell you about. That is, you just need to have the URL of any application in the App Store, paste it and get the gallery of captures of that app.

Obviously if the application does not have a version for the Apple Watch or if it is a link that does not lead to the App Store, it will not show any image, so do not expect to discover unknown applications or anything like that. In any case, is a simple and free utility that will allow us to find out if our favorite applications have a version for the Apple Watch and see what this version looks like.

There is really very little left to see directly how these applications are, because the first Apple Watch is about to arrive to its owners , and as we have seen today, it is possible that they will be booked in Spain and other countries next May 8th. The wait is getting shorter, but while we can entertain it with utilities like this.

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