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DoReMi Zoo, bringing music to the little ones

DoReMi Zoo

DoReMi Zoo: My First Piano from Raul Riera on Vimeo.

DoReMi Zoo, bringing music to the little ones
DoReMi Zoo, bringing music to the little ones

One of the most interesting applications that the iPad has to my mind is its educational function . Beyond discussions about the post-PC era, or whether it will become a substitute for the personal computer, the iPad is a highly intuitive device whose operation can be learned quite naturally by the youngest in the house . And more and more applications are appearing for this purpose.

The one we are dealing with today is DoReMi Zoo, which aims to bring music closer to the little ones in the house (oriented to very young ages in my opinion) who will try to teach how to make music with all the satisfaction this can bring. As you can see in the video that accompanies these words, its aesthetic is very simple and fun.

The application will allow us to choose between different keyboards and sounds, all of them very funny. And it won’t leave the little ones “alone in the face of danger” since will indicate to them at all times which notes to play , thus getting them to learn well-known melodies such as “Happy Birthday” or “Mary has a little lamb”. You can also create your own music and share it with other friends.

Best of all? That the application is completely free , so if you have a little hooligan running around the house, don’t be afraid to download it to distract him a little and at least have fun learning.

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