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Don’t you have Apple Pay? Alternatives to paying safely without it

One of the big surprises at the end of the year for apple lovers, apart from the possibility of enjoying HBO on AppleTV in Spain, was the arrival of Apple Pay from some banks and shops. At the moment, has a long way to go to become a standard , so you may still have it turned off on your iPhone and your Apple Watch. However, there are other methods you can breathe easy with by paying on the Internet or even in physical stores. Shop with peace of mind from apps at your favorite stores because it’s not just Apple Pay that has advantages: PayPal, Skrill or various credit cards offer very interesting and perhaps unknown advantages .

PayPal has been experiencing a facelift in recent months, becoming known as “your new currency” and not only making it easy to send and receive money in another currency, but offering discounts in many stores just for paying from your bank. Skrill is one of the best also in this sense, although it is usually used to pay and collect prizes without any risk in the betting field. Perhaps it is better known in other countries, however in Spain it is gaining more and more presence.

Don’t you have Apple Pay? Alternatives to paying safely without it
Don’t you have Apple Pay? Alternatives to paying safely without it

VISA cards associated with major brands such as Repsol or Vodafone give you back a percentage of what you buy by paying with them in account balance or in discounts on your mobile rate. For example, access from the Travel Club website to many Internet shops such as AliExpress will make you accumulate many points to redeem later.

On the other hand, the contactless cards are gaining a lot of ground over pin cards, like these did some years ago or the ones that required an ID card and signature. In an effort to save time and pay less attention to the moment of disbursing our precious capital, some banks like ING even allow you to pay from your smartphone, as Apple Pay does, so that you don’t even have to open your wallet.

Samsung has also joined in to compete with Apple Pay , and we’ll have to see how the experiment goes too. As always, competition between brands brings alternatives and advantages to customers, so we are in luck.

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