don’t miss out on this Thursday’s bargains

Black Friday is practically here and we already know what we’re going to buy, what we need and what we don’t. So we are looking forward to the arrival of the so-called Black Friday, and above all, to its generous discounts. And it will be these discounts that will probably reduce your budget for Friday, as we don’t think you will resist these offers, here we come!

  • Another day the external batteries are still very much on offer, such as the 20,000 mah Aukey or the 13,000 mah Anker, both with two ports and AiPower technology, which allows us to give the maximum current at all times.
  • For those of you who can’t keep your beloved iPhone or drive, we have several discounted car phone holders, such as this one from KangooTech or this one from Moobom with a built-in car charger.
  • For those who will take advantage of Monday’s offer of the discounted Apple Watch, we bring these straps from JETech and Bandmax, the first one more oriented to style while the second one focuses on those sport lovers who want to take advantage of the benefits that the Apple Watch Series 2 offers in this aspect.
  • If you own the new iPhone 7, you’ll certainly be regretting the loss of the headphone jack. However, as the refanero says, a nail pulls out a nail, and even more so if it’s a nail like these EC Technology Bluetooth headsets that even have Bluetooth 4.1, something rare in such low prices.
  • If we started this compilation with Anker, we also finished it with this renowned brand, which offers us a quite high quality lighning cable at a ridiculous price, even more if we take into account that it is 1.8 meters long. A bargain, come on.

If you liked these offers, be prepared because we’ll be back tomorrow morning with the best offers from Black Friday itself, are you going to miss them? We’ll be waiting for you.

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