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Don’t lose your magic, Apple.

Tim Coates, Shazron, whatcounts

Many will agree if I say that if we look at the current Apple Inc. and compare it to the Apple Computer Inc. of a few years ago, things have certainly improved a lot thanks to the iPod , the iPhone and the latest iPad which seems to be going the same way as its brothers.

Don’t lose your magic, Apple.Don’t lose your magic, Apple.

However, there is something that Apple seems to have lost over time, and it is in fact something that I consider an important reason why many users decided to become switchers. That reason is that Apple limits itself, as its CEO repeats without rest in his mailboxes, in creating the best products for our users .

And they do, no doubt. The proof is that iPhone 4 is the most successful Apple product in its history with 1.7 million phones sold in just three days. But a series of recent events makes me start to doubt something that for me is a mainstay of Apple: its simplicity and its efficiency in promoting and selling its products , which gives the impression that Cupertino has everything not clear: crystalline.

I’ll explain. Apple’s philosophy of presenting a product as something simple, tremendously easy to use and with a spectacular design has always worked for them: we all love to see after a keynote how Apple updates its website with those huge images of the new product and a devastating slogan that gives confidence. iPhone 4: Everything changes again. Again . Mac mini: Reinvented in a big way . This, combined with impeccable packaging and distribution efficiency, makes the experience of buying an Apple product start right at the moment you press the ‘confirm order’ button on the Apple Store online.

But let’s go over what’s been happening lately: The iPhone 4 is giving a series of problems and Steve Jobs says we’re taking it badly and then admitting that there is indeed a software bug to fix, which will happen with the next iOS update.

More: After receiving confirmation from an Apple press officer that Steve Jobs’ emails are completely false, it now turns out that according to Boy Genius Report they are completely true. You don’t know what to believe anymore.

What I’m getting at is that Apple has gone from delivering and promoting its products and services to reading emails from a Jobs saying that we pick up the phone wrong (when he picked it up the same way in the Keynote demos) and to seeing statements that contradict each other . Have Cupertino’s people lost that efficiency that defined them so much before? It seems that we have come to believe that at Apple they have everything clear and that they are beginning to suffer the consequences of being a great successful company.

At the moment it seems that no matter how much criticism the company receives, Apple continues to demonstrate with facts (and astronomical sales) that its products always stand out in the market. Let’s hope that since Cupertino this series of slips is just a slip of the tongue and we don’t have any more emails from Steve with little credibility, nor product launches with controversial defects. Let the magic of the bitten apple continue, please!