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Donald Trump to Urge Apple to Manufacture Products in the U.S.

The multimillionaire and candidate for the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump, has accustomed us to unleashing some pearls that leave no one indifferent. One of the last things he has said is that if he makes it to the White House he will work to bring manufacturing back to his country and try to get companies to move away from other countries like China.

One of the companies that Trump would force to manufacture its products in the United States would be Apple . The apple company designs its products in California and then assembles them in China through some of its partners like Foxconn.

Donald Trump to Urge Apple to Manufacture Products in the U.S.
Donald Trump to Urge Apple to Manufacture Products in the U.S.

“Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China” . This is the inscription that appears on the back of the company’s devices , but this could change if Donald Trump gets the presidency of the United States.

We’re used to seeing the multi-million dollar presidential candidate leave no headscarf at his rallies, but what no one probably expected was that he would talk about Apple. Trump didn’t explain how he would force Apple to build its mobiles, computers and tablets in the country , but he is sure he would succeed.

At his last meeting Donald Trump said that he would work to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States . In order to achieve this, he assured that he would not hesitate to make the companies that manufacture his products go back to the country.

Trump said there are wonderful people in the United States, smart, energetic and amazing. On the other hand, he says that “what we have to do is make America great again” and added that “we will make Apple start building damn computers and things in this country , above other countries” .

From MacRumors, they point out that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, commented in a recent interview that they don’t manufacture their devices in China only because of the price of the labor there, but because of its qualification . The fact is that in China they have focused on manufacturing and they know very well how to do things.

Do you think that Donald Trump would be able to force Apple to manufacture its products in the U.S. if he won the presidency of the United States? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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