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Donald Trump prepares to impose a tariff on Chinese-made iPhone and Mac

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal by Donald Trump, the president said that they are preparing to apply import tariffs to products manufactured in China. Among these products obviously are the iPhone and Mac that Apple manufactures in China, and that would be affected by this tariff that for sure is giving more than a headache in the offices of Apple Park.

If Trump actually ends up applying this measure to Chinese imported products, it would be breaking a promise to Apple CEO Tim Cook , to whom he promised that Chinese-made iPhones would be exempt from this tariff.

Donald Trump prepares to impose a tariff on Chinese-made iPhone and Mac
Donald Trump prepares to impose a tariff on Chinese-made iPhone and Mac

The president’s specific words to the WSJ were as follows:

Tariffs could also be applied to iPhone and laptops imported from China. The administration has been concerned about the consumer reaction to these items being subject to charges…

The president went further by stating that “Maybe. Maybe, it depends on how high this rate is”. With this sentence he refers to the fact that if this tariff is set at 10%, the consumer will be able to deal with it very easily.

From all this, it has been possible to draw a positive conclusion that among Trump’s plans , the Apple Watch and AirPods are not included in order to apply this tariff tax. Only the iPhone and Mac would be affected.

Apple has already tried to stop this initiative, urging the president of the USA to look for other types of solutions. But the answer is clear: the important thing is the growth of the United States. According to the Administration, this type of tax stimulates the growth of the country and its competitiveness, that is, with these taxes they try to get Apple and the rest of the manufacturers to bring their factories onto American soil.

In January Trump is prepared to increase this rate from 10% to 25% , although we hope that a future meeting between the top leaders of China and the U.S. will stop this measure that will affect the consumer very negatively who will end up paying this fee.

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